Is It Time To Change?

Posted by Arushi Singla
March 7, 2017

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What were you looking at ? A beautiful face or my boobs ? What fascinated you so much that you turned around and could not meet my eyes ? How could you anyways? You were never looking for eyes, but somewhere down below. You would probably not like if someone stares at your wife’s ,sister’s or daughter’s boobs this way. But she well deserves it if you bother to bother others this way. Why do you keep doing that? Have you never thought that just staring wont help you, it won’t get us in bed with you. It won’t do anything but spoil a day. When a girl stares, its jealousy and we love it. But when a guy stares, no matter the age, its shit. We don’t dress up for you, its for us. But you better like us undressed. When we talk of being modern and walk out on the streets with you, it was a step from our side so that we could move together with you. But what happened to you ? Why were you left behind ? To watch my ass maybe. No, men are not ahead of women. They are standing back to grab a view of things, to stare, to have a visual satisfaction.

Once, we can think of staring you back and giving those bold looks. But every time everyday how do we do that. Public transports and you feel its the chance to touch us. Brave one’s may even slide in their contact details. But do we care ? What do you think you are ? Who are you to stare at ? If your hormones get high too easy, go and watch your mom that way. The world is changing, duhhh it never will until a man turns around or stays back . Until you move with us side by side, things remain the same.

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