Its Time For World To Embrace Feiminism

Posted by gaurav chhibber
March 4, 2017

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Look at what has masculinity and machoism has done to us as countries societies, civilizations, and the world.
War mongers, hate mongers, nature screwers. We have gods and their words that not only believe’s  in the mine in bigger than yours but also mine is the best.  To hell with rest.
We have economists who have build models around extortion, exploitation of nature and mankind. 3000 or 4000 years of human history full of conflicts, wars, exploitation, savagery. All because of egos of men. Worse has they created their gods as their images. Self-righteous, punishing, ruling by fear of wrath.
Manhood also led to the passion of genes farming since ancient times. It’s time to take the world away from all this.
It’s time for women to return as rulers, administrators, social leaders, business leaders, religious leaders. Yes, they will have their weaknesses.
But those who give birth understand the value of life much more than just seeders.
Anyways the world bursting at seams need some birth control. Men are incapable of that. They are genetically tuned to expand their horde. All the more reason for women to take control.
Angela Merkel, may, Clinton, lady Hasina, may be some more like Indira Nooyi, Sushma swaraj, malala and then some more  Saina, Sanias, geetas and Babitas, Mary Koms, are needed to make the world a less dangerous, more loving and caring place.
We need more ladies. Not Wo-men or men in female disguise.
I guess the time has come for female power to rise to its true potential. Look at media, two, three, four ladies are controlling and withstanding the onslaught. Sagarika, Barkha, Rana etc.
Look around you, they are more financially independent, more powerful in their decision.
Men being the weak race that they are are living lives with unfinished agendas. Sorry to say but most dying early too. So there are more, Single women around. Some widows too, but much less mourning. They are stronger, focussed, financially independent. Not ashamed of being who they are or their bodies. refuse to give up without a fight.
Around us, there are women whose stories inspire, and make us feel useless at the same time. Suddenly you realize that you need them, they don’t need you. not anymore.
After what men have done to Nature, world, Economies, cultures. It’s only Fair to give feminism a chance. Oh Hell, They will grab it anyway, who are we to give.
Time for Matriarchy to rise.
Men shall soon be an endangered species. needed only for one purpose. That too might not be needed in a very near future.

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