How I Was Duped By Two Consultancy Firms While Applying For Jobs

Posted by Neha in Society
March 30, 2017

I was looking for a job and had submitted my resume on June 9, 2016, to job portals. I received calls, messages, emails for followups. My initial steps towards professional life from carefree college days had just begun.

On October 14, I received a call from a consulting firm in New Delhi. They offered me an executive role in the customer care department. I gave it a shot to attain job experience. I wanted to work here until I got a job which interested me. The first round of interview commenced with a personal introduction and job description.They charged each candidate ₹500 for consultancy charges. They told me that it would be refunded along with my first payment. The telephonic conversation confirmed my selection.They promised me a job for blended process and a salary worth ₹15000, along with incentives.

When I enquired about the offer letter, they replied that it would be handed over on the day of training. The candidate received a call at evening to confirm a visit to the training centre. Next day, while attending the training session, I saw close to 250 candidates had applied for the job. Each candidate was again charged ₹1000 for the training process.

They issued a certificate of a BPO executive and made us meet representatives of companies who offered lucrative deals. At the end of the brief, when I queried for the release of the offer letter, a representative replied that it would be handed over by the head of the human resource department in the main office. Next day, I reported to the office and introduced myself to the head of HR. I explained the chain of events that transpired. To my disbelief, he told me there was no such vacancy. The job they offered would pay me ₹8000 a month and give me meagre incentives. At training, attendants and the ones at the HR department carried no ID cards. It was nowhere close to what was promised by the consultancy. The process of finding a suitable job continued.

On February 23, I received a mail for a walk-in interview from another consultancy in the city. Lured by the brand name this time, I attended the interview. The entire interview process was similar to the one I attended previously. At the training centre, the whole process was similar. While departing from the office, I had a conversation with the other job seekers. I realised that they had all been selected

While conversing with the attendant on my arrival, I put across my wish to first hand over the letter as I was cheated last time. The attendant refused and said the HR would release the letter post training. After attending the session, I again put across my demand, to which he quipped that the candidates would receive the letter from the head HR. When I questioned him and said that the consultancy said we would receive it on the training day, he said, “Ma’am it’s a process.” Next day, I reached the venue. I had been bluffed again and wasn’t shocked anymore.

Job scammers are depriving the job seekers in total excess of ₹3,75,000. Raking in ₹1500 from 250 candidates would fetch them this amount.

Please be alert of such scams! Hope this helps you.