JUNKO Official Trailer HD 2016 | ABHINAV THAKUR

Posted by Abhinav Thakur
March 5, 2017



This film is about Junko Furuta which was the most horrific rape and murder crime case in the world history happened at japan in the year 1988.
This is our sincere effort to bring infront of you the 44 days of inhuman torture that she had faced before her death.
We adopted the story and made the screenplay in Indian version.Everybody knows about junko but nobody knows about the psychological background of the murderers.
No one knows how junko furuta faced those 44 days of hell. This inhuman activity was beyond evil.
A small effort by Abhinav thakur and team with a big heart.

Cast – Neelam Deysarkar,Aayush Thakur,Aarav Mavi,Priyank Tiwari,Aasif Eqbal,Sunny.
Wrirtten & Directed by – Abhinav Thakur
Produced By- Blue Frames Studio
Director of Photography – Rajeev Britto
Editor & D.I. Colorist – Kuresh Maharana
Music & BGS- Abhilekh lal
Make-up artist- Eknath Paigude
Assistant Director- Sumet Kasare, Sneha Choudhary, Ganesh Dhange
Production – AvT Films.

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