Watch: This Kalki Koechlin Starrer Delivers A Powerful Message Against Cyber Bullies

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With popularity of social networking websites on a rise, we have all seen significant evolution of stardom and celebrity culture. Indeed, it has never been easier for celebrities to have one on one conversations with their fans, share and advocate their views and brands. Pretty as this painted picture seems, it’s not always smooth sailing on the internet.

NAKED, a recent short film starring Kalki Koechlin, delves into the world of celebrities and what it means to be a woman of fame in the day and age of social media. Koechlin plays the role of a lead actress, Sandy, who falls prey to cyberbullying and victim-blaming that often follows when actresses go through with “bold” scenes, as part of their jobs.

The film highlights important aspects of online bullying, including how people use the anonymity of social media to exert power and quash opposing opinions, narrowing down on the unique bashing of a woman’s morals, and the questioning of her gender and sexuality, that always surface.

What really sets the film apart is how Sandy stands up to her cyber-bullies without resorting to their tactics. Coming at a time when India ranks third on the Global Cyber Bullying list, NAKED is a must watch for all who spend their hours posting on social media.

Featured Image: YouTube Screenshot