Kiran Rijiju admits to commenting on Gurmehar Kaur without having seen the Indo Pak peace video.

Posted by Marwah Yash
March 4, 2017


With such a high youth population, it’s only fair for Indian politicians to rake up the issues regarding the youth in every rally, seminar and speech.


Perhaps what they do not know about the youth is, we are much more than simply studying, shopping, eating, gossiping and surfing the internet. Not going into in depth discussion about the dip in employment, skill generation and comprehensive education, let me talk about latest issue that is threatening all students in the country. The ramjas college chaos. Some students made sure that what some others wanted to learn about, does not reach them and when opposed, a 20 year old girl who had participated in several social media movements in the past was targeted for being anti army after cherrypicking on of her posts.



The media may or may not be at fault, MoS Home ministry Kiren Rijiju has admitted in this video interview with Nidhi Razdan, that he had not seen the entire video by gurmehar posted in 2016, but only responded after reading one particular placard from the 30 odd placards that she had displayed.



This is the same minister whose party has apparently wooed the youth voters. If they’re asking for puppets for their motives. Sorry, sir, the youth is way creative and self reliant, we have our own set of problems, issues, ambitions and we cannot any of you help kill them. If you cannot hear us, you have no right to get our vote too. When you call a bunch of thinking students as anti national without listening to them, it only adds to their solutions, not problems.


Arun Jaitley, an ex abvp president himself often speaks about the youth and the state’s right to curb freedom of speech, not standing upto the ills of his abvp cadre and selectively talking against the seminar at Ramjas that never happened, he’s only proven the BJP is in no mood to accept diverse opinions.


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