Let Go!

Posted by Srishti Moudgil
March 1, 2017

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I am the one who seeks perfection in everything I do lack of which frustrates me often and the mini-me keeps chattering the whole day in case I miss my morning gym and don’t follow the routine. Although my regular meditation helps me to get rid of the excess stress and negative emotions but the mind has the power to pull you down everytime you give it the power to do so.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this stuff with you? And what are you to do with my mini-me and mind games?

As already mentioned, I am a meditation freak the only thing that keeps me high every time situations or people bring me down. But with my very tendency to control things and be the so-called ‘perfectionist’ is something due to which I get stuck in petty things in life.

Do you know what’s the most difficult thing in the world?
No, it isn’t controlling your own mind.
It isn’t deciding about what dress to wear in the morning
Or, convincing your parents for a job or a guy!
It isn’t making big money and stuff!!

The trickiest thing is the universe is to learn the Art to Let Go!

With my own tendency to hold on to things whether it is a situation or a workout routine I happened to miss or may be a bad word from an astrologer, I realized how difficult it is for humans to let go of the situation and just be!

I mean if the situation doesn’t turn out the way we planned or maybe a guest turns up at the time you are leaving for a vacation, My God, the way we grumble, mumble and, fumble is terrible!

The way we punish ourselves or feel guilty about not fulfilling the expectation of others or meeting our own set standards of goodness is really awful.

With our lives full of stress and a never-ending race to achieve our goals, satisfy our parents and fulfill our basic needs, it’s time we should start loving ourselves and spread happiness around.

In the midst of a chaotic life, where no one has time to sit and relax and enjoy the sunshade, we need to pamper ourselves. The world doesn’t really need a lot of perfectionists or great achievers. Rather, it needs loving and compassionate souls who can uplift the spirit of others around.

It’s high-time we should start loving ourselves and learn the art to let go. To let go, doesn’t mean, you stop making efforts!

It is same as what Draupadi did, once she was done with her efforts, she totally let go of everything and you better know the result.

We all live by faith that everything and anything in this universe is in a particular state of form because the Higher Power wants it to be so. So, this moment and this life is so because HE wants it to be so.

So, whatever and wherever you are now, Just Let Go of everything and You will be taken care of Well..!!


Srishti Mougil

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