Let’s Play

Posted by Bindita Sinhä
March 7, 2017

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Lets’s Play


The man holds a very influential and reputable pose in the society. Everybody respects him, loves him and appreciates him for his well-known societal works along with the community donations. Until today, I don’t have any idea regarding his name. He is known to me from my childhood by his pseudonym ‘Burada’, it is a Bengali name and people address him by his several pet names like ‘Burada’, ‘Burakaku’, and ‘Bura’ etc. irrespective of gender, age, and caste. No one talks anything unenthusiastic or worse things against him. He is well blessed with money, a good government job and the most important thing he is the blind follower of God Krishna and these all things have made him an ‘Ideal Man’ in our society.


In recent times, his dedication towards God has been risen up; he wakes up early in the morning, takes bath, and collects the flowers and worship Lord Krishna with all of his ‘Bhakti’. The ‘aarti’ songs from his shredded voice make him more ‘Ideal Man’ among the people. He is a celebrated personality at our place who spends money for the betterment of the people and the society. A very strenuous try to work for the betterment of the society by him hoodwink the people easily because our society does not think or rather try to think deeply.


This man has a very strong inclination and tenderness towards the little girls. He likes to spend time with them, he likes to play with them, he likes to make them laugh, and he likes to be with them which are apparently a very good thing…people say. I also used to think positive about him and moreover I used to like him because he was the one who used to play with me because at that time I did not have any friends, we used to play hide and seek game, his favorite one. I was very small and at that time, I could not understand why to hide and seek is his one of the favorite game. But now, I completely understand the things, now I remember clearly that with the help of the game he used to touch my private parts, he used to touch my breasts, he used to touch my body which I could not understand at that point of time and the pathetic thing is he used to do it with most of the little girls in our place and he liked to play with the small girls only because he knew very well how the society works.


Till today also this man is holding the same reputable position in our society which is really pathetic for me and which leads to a big question about the position of girl child and women in our ‘Society’. Are we really safe at our own place? Is the society really thinks about these kinds of people?






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