Let’s Talk About Child Rights

Posted by Sakshi Srivastava
March 9, 2017


New Delhi, India – Bucket List launched their latest campaign with the aim of initiating conversations about child rights, in reference to street children in particular.

The #IDidMyBit challenge revolves around individuals carrying out tasks in correspondence to some basic child rights, posting them on various social media platforms and encouraging their friends and relatives to carry forward the challenge.

Through this ripple effect, Bucket List hopes to reach as many people as possible; inspire and motivate them to initialize conversations about child rights.

The idea was also to give them a glimpse of other side of society, whom we often cross paths with, but go unnoticed.


We started with talking about the five most basic child rights, namely Right to Play, Right to Education, Right to Health and Sanitation, Right to Information and Right against Exploitation. Corresponding to the rights, we also gave them a list of tasks examples. The tasks were simple and chalked out keeping in mind a positive impact on a street child. For example, a volunteer could invite a street child to play with him/her and write a post about that and further nominate 3 more people to take up this challenge.
The response on the launch day triggered numerous conversations and debates, hence fulfilling the purpose of the campaign. This campaign is being managed and run by Bucket List volunteers (students from Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia and Amity University).We hope to keep the conversations going and spreading. As we believe, even with all the laws and policies, the fight for street children’s rights cannot be won without active and conscious participation of people and youth in particular.

About Bucket List


Bucket List is a non-profit organization based in Delhi that works with children and focuses on their healthy psychological and social development by working on their life-skills through mediums like creative and performing arts, storytelling, and sports.

Our programs are:

Bucketeers – Works actively on children’s life-skills through storytelling, performing arts, and craft.

Genie in a Bucket – To create a space where the society can find a way to interact with street children, fulfill their innocent wishes  and form a deeper understanding of their lives.

Raising a Reader – In support of our storytelling aspect, the program instils in them the habit of reading and provides them the basic tools by teaching elementary Hindi and English reading and writing skills.

Streets to Field – A sports training project that gives street children an opportunity to gain to the fullest from team sports- learning team work, interpersonal relationships, communication, respect and more. The project was kicked off with Rugby in collaboration with Delhi Hurricanes RFC.



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