‘Dear African Friends, I Apologise On Behalf Of Other Indians’

Posted by Sumit kumar in Racism
March 30, 2017

Dear African Friends,

I write this letter to you. To ask for forgiveness for the blatant racism that was unleashed on you by my fellow compatriots. I know, an apology is a very trivial and intangible antidote which cannot heal your wounds that are tangible and real. However, as an Indian who loves interacting with people and who wants to see this country as a real cosmopolitan hub, I render my unconditional apology to you.

Racism is the worst manifestation of a repulsive mindset. It embodies blatant hatred and enmity, on account of differences in ethnicity and colour. I am sorry that you had to face the discrimination and prejudice that undermines your pride. Africa has a very special place in our heart. It was Africa that created the leader out of Mahatma Gandhi. Ironically, Gandhi had fought racism in Africa that was meted out to Indians during that era.

Nowadays, as you know, with the rising cynicism and callousness in politics, it is difficult to find a Mahatma Gandhi or a Nelson Mandela. But, you know, you are not the only ones who are the victims of our racism.We don’t even spare our own people when it comes to showcasing our racist mindset. We call the people coming from North East as ‘Chinkis’ or ‘Nepalis’. Similarly, there exist different kinds of racism in different states. Have you heard of the philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, which talks about the world as a global family? The family, nowadays, is shrinking and getting isolated and so is the principle of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’.

Thank you for showing us the mirror. Thank you for making us realise that our principle of ”Vasudhiav Kutumbakam’ is limited to fair-skinned people. Thank you for making us realise that the fair and lovely advertisements that draw a parallel between colour and success are true in our country.

Thank you for shaking the mindset of the people. Thank you for stirring our conscience which has been sleeping for long. Thank you for tolerating our mob culture. Thank you for coming to my country and making us realise that we are no different from those Aussies who attack Indians. Thank you for making us realise the hypocrisy and shallowness of our ‘tolerant’ values. Thank you for opening up the talks on a repulsive mindset, which needs a radical change. Lastly, I  again apologise for all the horrific tortures and abuses that you suffered on account of your race.

Image source: YouTube