Look Around And Listen To The Silence

Posted by Rahul Bornfree
March 24, 2017

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Lately, I was appalled by some unfortunate incidents which shocked me. Incidents which only reveals our attitude towards life and proves we need to change a lot in our attitude. We actually need to listen to the Silence.

These incidents were:
1. Last week, in a horrific accident in Chennai, two people were charred when their car hit a tree and went up in flames. The next day, at the spot where they died, some people posed near the tree and clicked a couple of selfies.
2. The population of house sparrows in the city has reduced by nearly 50 percent. The childhood days when we used to wake up with the chirps of sparrow are gone and they are dying.
3. And the most shocking was a recent acid attack on a girl in Delhi.
It went so deep into me that I scribbled on a piece of paper the anger inside me. Which I want to share. It is called “Look Around”

Look around do you find anyone interested listening to your story? Where people are so damn busy sharing what they think is their glory. Shamelessly taking a selfie, Can’t even spare the site where the well-known couple once died. Look around her face is burnt by the acid running in our men’s bloodstream but still we are not able to hear her clear and loud scream. The voice shutting echoes of TV anchors has made our mind so narrow, that we aren’t even bothered about the chirps of sparrow. Look around the boisterous pomp and show is celebrated, Rest everything is negated Aren’t we happy with the world we have created? Look around do you still think people would like to listen to your story? The same people who are really busy boasting their so called “glory”.

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