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March 21, 2017

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Speaking at YIC,IIT DELHI

It all started with a science exhibition project . In the summers 2014, there was a science exhibition in our school and me and few of my friends decided to steal the show with something different , with something that has never been to our town. And thus I came up with and idea of making a Ghost House. At that time I didn’t have enough money to pay for labour works. So I together with my friends , we did maximum of the works as we had no money then. The project was a huge success, everyone loved it , so I thought of transforming it into a B-PLAN . So during Durga Puja , we somehow collected some revenue and displayed the same in the town hall for 3days with a entry fee of 20 rupees only, and yes again, we got a success over our first implementation. I got a profit of 17000/- . I was happy after all with so much of hardwork , we finally made it. Then I thought of investing the money somewhere else rather than spending it on bringing luxury to me. So I contacted with some clothing companies and I soon I invested the whole amount in bringing stocks of clothes to my hometown and selling it here shop by shop. For the first time I got a loss of 7000/- and I was depressed. I thought I should stop all these and get back to my regular schedule. But after 2 months I got another stock worth 25000/- from the same dealer. And this time I made a profit of 10000/- and I got confidence and I started doing it investing money and doubling it with profit. And this was the time I learned many things about business and this was the time , I tried and failed and learned and tried again and I got succeed. 
And days past, months past , years past, I kept doing my work and now in the year of 2017 I got the chance to participate in UDGAM ,IIT GUWAHATI and from UDGAM my journey to what I am today , it all started. I got selected for Young India Challenge,IIT DELHI, I met many people there who loved my business model and they further guided me throughout the workshop. And thus I got many people who supported me for my works and also got selected for development of my business in a organization to be held at Boston,USA as an enterpruner from India . 
That was my journey so far. 
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Amlan Jyoti Khanikar 
GT Tech. 

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