Men Are From Mars And Women From Venus

Posted by Shrabani Sarkar Baksi
March 7, 2017

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There is one famous qoute

You educate a man u educate a man,you educate a woman,you educate generation.

Over time there has been a switch in gender success throughout education.Coming into the late 1980’s underachievement by girls was common though it was blamed that girls were more occupied with household duties.Now coming back to next 1990’s there was a sudden reversal,girls were outperforming than boys(they failed to determine the reason) and are now getting better degrees than men.If we look closely we will see there is still gender disparity in subject choices.For example home science is mainly directed for girls only .Our patriarchal society thinks it will help girls to do homely duties  scientifically artistically when they step into womenhood.Even mechanical courses are considered men friendly in higher education.But all these minor disparities failed to deter women empowerment movement.But the root cause of this gender disparity everywhere is mainly due to our patriarchal society which is single most life threatening social disease which insists that male are inherently dominating superior to everything and everyone especially female species and endowed with the right to dominate and rule over the weak and maintain that dominance through various form of psychological terrorism and violence.Recent news of a girl named Gurmeher kaur who was  tormented with death and rape threats on social media because she chose to speak her mind .Another such shameful incident occured was Bangalore mass molestation case.Their fault was  that they chose to party even after midnight.

Patriarchy not only effected men but women too subconsciously living out old patriarchal myths.

Myth 1.Main purpose in life to bear and raise children.

Myth 2 A woman’s heaven is beneath her husband’s feet.

So mere formal education is not enough for gender equality.We have to sensitize and educate not only men but women too.Men should know that women are not only known for their curves .They too have emotions feelings and can take social and family responsibilities more efficiently and with equal fervour like them.Women too should know their capabilities and should not retract just because of the fear of physical assaults .Men are not from Mars neither women are from venus.Both are from earth only.

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