Men Will Be Men…

Posted by Mitali Bhachech
March 25, 2017

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This advertisement is so witty and we all enjoy watching it..

So simple it is to accept MEN as they are. Isn’t it?  I so wish it had been easy.

Recently what happened with me is that someone was cyber stalking me. Following on social media and sending ‘decent’ messages just to impress.  ‘Line maro’ type. There’s nothing new.  It happens with plenty of girls and women around. And all the decent women tackels such non sense in their own ways.

What i used to do is just ignore them. When you don’t respond to them,  they ‘try’ for someone else.

A very good friend of mine (who happens to be a man)  and me had a huge fight over it.

His point was ‘ unfriend him right now. ‘

Okay.  I am not interested in being ‘fake friends ‘ with him. But what my friend further added was just not appreciable.

He said:  your behaviour is ‘indecent’ because you have still not blocked him.

My question here is:  why am I getting blamed for what HE has done.

And we know the answer:  MEN WILL BE MEN.

Woooooowww!!!  Amazing!!!

Don’t wear short clothes as MEN WILL BE MEN,  they will rape you and that will be your fault.

Don’t put your pics on social media as MEN WILL BE MEN,  they will stare at all your body parts and again its your fault.

Don’t add any male friend in your social media account as MEN WILL BE MEN, they will harass you and by now you must be knowing whose fault it has to be!!!

This mentality needs a change at GRASSROOT level..

Women are not promoting misbehaviours. This bottom line should be understood and accepted. It isn’t a ‘default setting’ that whenever some ‘lafda’ happens;  blame a woman for a pathetic excuse like ‘MEN WILL BE MEN’.

Men need to learn to Behave.  And if at all they can’t,  stop blaming women and for god sake don’t label a woman to be ‘indecent’.

Men are granted to behave indecently. And fun of the thing is the other men will find it so ‘normal’ and will say ‘woh to aisa hi karega na,  MEN WILL BE MEN.’

All the men out there,  please grow up!! If a guy is chasing a girl,  blame the guy first before assuming that a girl is leading on.

And stop defending all indecent behaviours of men by putting up a board saying ‘MEN WILL BE MEN’..

Yes we like to put on make up.  We like to look pretty and attractive. We like to share our pics on social medias.  We like to enjoy the number of ‘likes’ and that has to do nothing with our characters.

Mentality needs a change.


– Mitali J

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