Mental disorder

Posted by Anushka Nischal
March 5, 2017

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There are many types of disorder in the human body but the most painful of those is mental ones. Those who have problems with their mental health undergo a lot of emotional problems. Most of the mental disorder are developed due to the circumstances rather than the birth defects. But most of the people refuse to accept them as a problem and aleanate those suffering from mental disorder.

I had a friend she had gone into depression because of many reasons when she joined college. In school she was a brilliant student who always was eager to learn something new and wanted to go into recherch. She even got a brilliant 98% in her board exams dispite being a dislexic person.

She could not adjust in the environment and trusted the wrong people and went into depression as soon as she got in the of college of her choice after she completed her school.

After first year she had to be admitted to the hospital due to acute depression and anxiety. She stayed there and fought with her problem and was discharged a month later on heavy medication.

Due to the medicine wich continued for another year and half she could not differentiate between a compliment and a rude comment when her meds stopped only 6 months were left for her college to end. But then she realised that her classmates were very rude to her and would pass absurd comments like “you got addmition in the college in mentally challenged category” and “you are mentally challenged person and don’t deserve to live with normally people like us”

She was a fighter she never paid any heed to the shit they said and went to college very single day there was class and got full attendance in the final semester and not even that in the last semester she had dicided to appear for 2 extra paper than rest of her classmates and she scored the highest marks in her class. And it has been 2 years since she graduated and has never seen any of those people ever again and now she is leaving for Canada in a month’s time for her master’s cum phd programme. Knowing her she will never return to this place and she will never mention a word what happened with her during graduation.

People out there if someone near you is a mental patient DONOT demean them they are same as you all. All of you may have some problem in one or the other body part so why discriminate against people who have problem in their brains. Trust me the people with mental illness are the most sensitive and the most trustworthy people you will ever meet. Most of them are very intelligent and smart maybe smarter than normal people like us. They have a right to live normally like us.

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