This Is What I Had To Face When I Called Police To Save A Man’s Life

Posted by Soovigya Agrawal in Society
March 22, 2017

On March 12, 2017, while returning from Bhopal with my family, we saw a person lying on the road alongside his bike. Though we zoomed off from the spot, I used the #Dial100 service and informed the police about the incident.

They attended to it very attentively and arranged for a patrol vehicle to look into the case. A few minutes later, I received a call from the ambulance service. They enquired about the exact location where the incident had happened, and then told me that the person had been sent to the hospital.

Some 10 or 15 minutes later, I received a call from an unknown number. The person on call was probably a cop named Jitendra Rawat. He spoke to me as if I’d done something horrible.

We report such matters to the police department, because the government has advertised about these new services to help the people. But this is what we get in return!

Then began the mental harassment. He asked for my name, address and related information in a very rude way. I said that I’d already told everything about myself to the headquarters – which I had really done! I then called the control room in Hoshangabad and obtained the contact number of the Superintendent of Police’s office. Unfortunately, no one received the call – legitimately, perhaps, because it was already past 9:30 pm.

I called the control room again and asked where I could complain about this matter​. Then, I rang up the #Dial100 headquarters, where I spoke to them for five or seven minutes and was put on hold for the next two or four minutes. None of these efforts produced results.

Now, I really want to know how people are supposed to trust the police department when the servicemen themselves behave in this manner. Is it really worth harassing the aam janta (the common masses)?

I did the act out of humanity and this resulted in a tensed atmosphere back at home. In fact, my parents ended up saying: “Kyu phone kiya tha? Jhanjhat mei nahi padte. Neki karke yahi milta hai aajkal (Why did you call? You wouldn’t have been embroiled in this trouble. This is what you get from doing acts of goodwill nowadays).” As a result of all this, my mom became really tensed and she still is.

The government is trying to do so much, but the problem lies with their own employees. They misbehave with people, and as a result, the public abuses the government.


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