Mother’s Unconditional Love….

Posted by Altaf Makai
March 24, 2017

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“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” A. Lincoln………….    To what extent do we believe it is true, if we believe it is still many of us forget when the pay back time comes, because we can’t think and feel like mother, mother’s empathy can’t be learned neither can be imitated.

Yesterday it was a life changing experience I have ever had, when I got call from my maternal aunt that my cousin is on the verge of death. She was crying like a child and told me that (jannat) my cousin won’t survive till we reach hospital, because she had experienced abnormal movement of body in the form of uprolling of eyeballs, clenching of teeth, toxic posture of both upper and lower limb , frothing from mouth and deviation of angel of mouth and is uncouncious since this incident. I was shocked when all her words reached my ear because it seems she was waiting for the uncertain time which everyone is going to face……I left home in a hurry and went directly to the District hospital Baramulla  where she was instantly referred to G.B PANT HOSPITAL Srinagar. We left very fast and the moment we entered the hospital she opened her eyes and all the stress wiped off promptly, because their was still a hope of her survival. When doctors heard about the incident she had in morning, she was given first preference among hundreds of patients , which made me worry that something is wrong. I have never been with any child before in hospital, so for me it was worrying and heartbreaking also because of her mother tear which she couldn’t wipe off for a second. After doctors observation she was admitted and had a relief of her recovery by the doctors assurance that she would be alright.

What I wanted to say is not the experience I had with a tearful mother and a dying child but the mother’s concern and care which I found in every corner of G.B PANT. The hospital especially for kids is crowded with painful mother’s who have soul in their kids and can’t remain without their presence. Since the day mother gives us birth transformation in their peaceful life knocks their door. They spend every moment of their life in taking care of their child’s whether a child is kid or adult or old enough. Her love never comes to an end even if she is dying herself….A mother is someone who will never complain about her children’s faults, but yet promotes their self worth into wonderful adults. A mother will never put her children down but find every way to bring them up. A mother will never purposely hurt a child mentally or physically but will bring on reasonable punshiment when the need arises. A mother will push her child to be the best they can be and not condone their bad behaviors because it’s what all the other women do. A mother will talk to her children about the world we live in and tell them about things they need to know even if it’s about drugs, sex, or war. A mother is pain reliever and a pain taker…..

I ask myself one simple question…Are we doing enough for moms? I brood over it and I find Im nowhere before her love..

Life will b easey if we love and care for them the way they do… Love u mom , u r my life ….¥

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