My Dress My Way

Posted by zoya naeem syed
March 28, 2017

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Many of times we come across people objecting dressing sense and relating it to crime i.e according to our stereotype indian society mentality of a person does not matter. Even if any criminal’s intention is not appropriate still our society will blame victim’s dressing sense by our typical and so-called ideal indian society. many a times women have experienced comments on exposing clothing which instigates opposite sex impluses. women are advised to cover themselves take precautions in additions they are blamed for the incidents that happen with them. eg the person who has commited is not at fault but our victim who was forced is at fault because of her revealing dressing sense wow. i mean men too wear boxers roam here and but they are right they are free to do what they want. Dispite the fact that all citizens are equal before why do we face differences based on gender but if a woman wears shots she has a bad character she has invited men to rape her and all. i mean seriously in this 21st century where other countries are breaking records with new achievements and invention why the hell we are still stuck in our orthodox and illogical mindset based on religon and superstition. its vital to keep pace with time. men are never subjected to judgement based on there character or anything and are provided full liberty why despite all legal and governmental efforts women are unsafe in our so-called incredible india time to think guys time to think.

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