My Story

Posted by andreajones
March 24, 2017

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I am Andrea. This is my story that I want the world to know. Especially vulnerable women who are being targeted by con men like Sumeet Panigrahi.
He approached me on Facebook and began an affair with me. I was vulnerable as I had just lost my husband.. He came to know of it through a common friend and he approached me. He claimed to love me. He indulged in internet sex with me several times and exchanged his nude pictures.i had no idea that this man is still married. I was given to understand that he has separated from his wife.. Later on he asked me for money and since I presumed we would be married I sent him. He also kept telling me he loves me a lot. Once I stopped and questioned his motives he blocked me.
I was shocked. He refused to connect to me.
It was later on that i figured out that this man is a regular game player with women. His status updates are all about sex and masturbation. He has been accused of being a paedophile ( Even our children are not safe) . His school  friends  and university friends told me that he ran away from home leaving a pregnant wife with twins. He has borrowed a lot of money from people never to return and has absconded from places. He also fooled a girl in Delhi living off her money for two years before kicking her and walking off. A rapist and a con man is on the loose who is using women on Facebook with his ‘I love you and I have never felt anything like this before and I will do everything to be with you.. I am in love for the first time. I never knew what it is to be in love.  I am a simple man, a relic. All I want is love. ‘ These are some of his practiced dialogs to catch his prey on facebook. A lot of his friends have helped me in exposing this man. Today I want the youth of India to save the youth of India from such men.
Sumeet Panigrahi is a disease that one must save themselves from. Apparently he is also suffering from AIDS. (NOT SURPRISING THOUGH)

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