This Brave Woman Shares Her Experience Of Surviving TB In A Patriarchal Society

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March 18, 2017

By Zarah Udwadia:

Deepti Chavan, a survivor of tuberculosis (TB) who is featured in this essay, is also chronicled in a recently-launched book called “Nine Lives – Women and Tuberculosis in India”.

The book records the journeys of women surviving TB in a patriarchal society, where they often have limited access to health services and little agency to negotiate for their own well-being. They live with stigma, fear and are discriminated against after being infected with TB.

The following below are some of Deepti’s quotes:

“Nine Lives” is a part of the campaign, Survivors Against TB, which is a community-led movement aimed at strengthening India’s fight against TB.

The author can be found here.


Photo credits : Shampa Kabi