Northeast Is Where I Belong But India Is My Motherland And I Will Die Protecting My Motherland

Posted by EnEn Mize
March 13, 2017

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Most of us ,the local folks of northeast are the strongest of all in terms of physical and mental hardwork but contrary to that we the locals are also equally suffers the brutality of life when comes to living. back in village an old man with a single dao(local sword) can cut down uncountable trees for jhum cultivation which are cultivated in hill slopes. single handedly an ordinary youth can clinched the task without any machinery means and there are various challenging and daring works are done on everyday basis back in village. such power and spiritual strength are entitled to us by our forefathers. so coming to the point when situations get a ugly turn and everything conspire against us. our brother and sister has never fail , we always fought back and show the world that we are no different from you. We can also reach certain heights that you didn’t expect from us. the boxing legend MC Mary kom, our pride -martyr late Hangpan dada (Ashok chakra awardee Indian army ) the highest gallantry award for bravery doesn’t come in vain. our pride of northeast late dada killed 4 militants  at line of control J&k. The list goes on and on if I try to mention all of them .time is short so the life is . But one thing I like to spit on the face of  some mainlanders is that don’t take us easy as if we are your slave. “India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters” that what we are told and learned from our tender age.

dear mainlanders you spit on us , as if we are refugee coming from Nepal ,China and Japan.

you question our indianess? but one thing We northeasterner assure you that if again 1962 India-china war ever happen again we northeasterner will take the first bullet from Chinese to protect our motherland India .not you mainlanders.



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