In This Town, A Muslim Merchant Runs The Oldest Gulaal Business

Posted by Tanima Ray in Society
March 13, 2017

‘Jaipurwala’, the oldest color shop in Amravati, which is owned by Wasim Ahmed, a Muslim by birth, has been selling colors for 120 years in the city. Though the owner belongs to the Muslim community and deals with festival of Hindus, he has no difficulty in running his business. In fact, Wasim plays Holi himself and so do all others (Hindu and Muslim) in Amravati.

The shop resides in Sarafa Bazar which is part of the old walled city of Amravati. It is the hub of wholesalers and gold merchants since hundreds of years. Bohra Masjid, a mosque few yards away from Jawahar Gate, the entrance of Sarafa Bazar, is built very close to the walls of the old city and marks the beginning of Itwara Bazar, which is predominantly owned and run by the Muslim community. The merchants and shopkeepers from these markets have had a cordial relationship ofr hundreds of years marking communal harmony. This year, ‘Jaipurwala’ has got stocks of herbal colors, ‘Gulal/Abir’ and water based colors for Holi. They are promoting herbal colors to the customers. Wasim informs that they have their own manufacturing unit in Amravati, where they produce colors locally.