Paid Victim

Posted by Manoj Kumar Bhandi
March 5, 2017

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Well its not a made out story but a true one. She is not outgoing also not restrained personality. Is from a well-to-do family and her father was a great business man, who knew the value of each resource so he loved the most to his daughter like the every Indian papa. He made sure to give her cutting edge education from best colleges. She did her master’s from a tier-1 college of that state. She gave her best and grabbed a couple of jobs from Indian startups, but she did not choose to work but tried to seek her own cup of tea. Days went on she nurtured skills in her made acquainted herself with robust technology and got offers with lucrative packages but Almighty has his own plans and she broke her fibula. The time has to come in her life too. Someone came and convinced her and her family and took her with his fake chivalry. The marriage was one of a kind. We all know our Indian ways God help us!!!. A father spends substantial amount of his life’s earnings for her marriage so that when the girl asks for her rights they say ” that’s why we spend 7-digit amount in your marriage, how can you even think of breaking it” The butterfly has just flown, her wings were very subtle and was not very easy to predict the storm. The sashural life, every Indian women knows it, Making evry stranger to whom she never knew in her life are going to be the only people of her life. The ego, the anger, the elder’ respect , the older’s short temperness, the younger’s disturbances and what not. She has to suffer evry bit of this shit and she did all of it. She has to work at office and at home too. The he had atleast 2/week holidays but stomach don’t know the holidays she has no holidays. With all these its been not long after it started. She can’t make friends, she can’t talk on phone at night after 9:00. She can’t come late cause only he has extra work at office she can’t have. It started and became a disturbance for every day. There was a time she is scared of going home and feels the station’s restchair is better place. Then comes the role of society , they say it’s just starting and not a very new thing. It happens everywhere and it has to be like this only. A lady is lady she can’t demand and substitute for the he. A few times I ask myself what makes a man so superior and her so inferior. From where they get the confidence to talk a women like a paid slave. She tried to make thing clear and suffered to a very great extent but the storm has took its worst  shape. She tolerated and reclined her seat a little lower to his shoulder. They say “if you teach divinity to a hungry person, you will be named a fool”. She didn’t like that because life is not April month. The hunger turned out to domestic violence now. That was the pick and it was more then enough to resonate her each string of saturating tolerance. The worst part is whenever a women asks her rights,librty,life and respect, the society comes and interferes. When the love happened between the duo.why their personal life has to influenced and guided among elders members and leaders. The core process has to be customized. The minds has to be redesigned. This became a general and human  tendency. Which is very costly and the price is being paid by women. No law is necessary but the minds has to fed with broad thoughts. Gandhi said a human is what his thoughts are. So when family is driven by mother that becames successful but constructively but when it is driven by a Men it also becomes successful but the divinity has been misses out, the  offsprings becomes inspid. They will live a prosperous life but destruction is what awaits for them.

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