Phd’s / Master’s Degree For Faculty Recruitment !!

Posted by sravs_hope
March 24, 2017

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Uncertainty prevails…. MSc or PhD for faculty !!

Today, I was going through an  Advt. related to faculty positions at Iit, Jammu . They require the min. eligibility for Asst.Prof is 3 years post PhD experience. This is the trend now but I wonder, who is better for faculty positions ? A PhD or a MSc ? We all know that a PhD research meant for innovation , novel work leading to either success or failure result but ultimately we find a result, if successful can be applied further , if it’s a failure need not be pondered over it again . But, here it comes the purpose of the job – teaching . I am not being specific to iit’s here , in general many state and local academic institutions preferring PhD’s over MSc’s for teaching. During the time of research , we work on a problem aggressively towards a solution which involves more specific experimental as well as theoretical knowledge rather than the whole textbook knowledge . Same time MSc’s are more strong theoretically in all topics rather being specific to only one problem. Why most of us are doing PhD’s for the sake of raise in salary and we all end up studying till 33 years of age ?? Why the govt also don’t  employ MSc’s increasing their min . eligibility requirements to post PhD exp. urging most of the students to pursue PhD by hook or cook ? I strongly feel it’s quite unfair and because of that the average time a student today spends on education has become almost 26 years either they are of any graduation ending up completely frustrated, most of the time jobless (or jobs of no interest or another domain) . If the MSc’s are given opportunities through faculty recruitments and research scholars are provided opportunities through funds for developing their work and innovations and also there are specific research institutions which employ only PhD and post doc students , then there would certainly a decrease in the half the number of enrollment where only those who are interested will pursue research not for raise of salaries . And equally, the master’s students can also be employed at an early stage of their career where they can focus more on enhancing their teaching skills . Above all these issues of employment of PhDs and MSc’s here comes another issue reservation . In that Advt. It was specifically mentioned we encourage sc,st,obc candidates to apply more. I wonder how long they need reservation ?? Since childhood they get along with reservation . This is the most alarming situation of our education and also the faculty recruitment system . India having the average age of population around 29 which is highly potential group of individuals, most of us are stuck wondering what to do with our lives and careers !!

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