Please Do Not Throw Sanitary Pad In The Tub!!!!!!

Posted by Mitali Bhachech
March 12, 2017

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Most of our cities have multiple multiplexes.

The ‘affordable’ class often visits these multiplexes. This class can “taak inglis waak inglis” and what else to say..

So the instructions are usually written in English almost evrywhere inside those multiplexes, (Mother tounge is too old fashion (?) You know. )

‘Please do not throw sanitary pad inside the tub’ —- this particular instruction has always hammered my head.

There are all the logical possibilities that those who can read this are those who are ‘learned’ and they can understand what this instruction means.

Why the authorities need to put these stuff????

Are we that stupid that we don’t even know how to discard our used sanitary pads? I don’t think so. Are we discarding our pads in our house’s toilets? if no,  then it proves that we are knowing that is SHOULD NOT BE THROWN INSIDE THE TUB. Then, why we do so?

I think I know the answer:

We take all the public properties for granted. That too,  BOLDLY.

‘Bigdta he to bigdne do,  humara kya jaataa he’——- type attitude.

From Dowry to Dipika,…………………..  From feminism to failure of Congress party, ………………………………………………  From poverty to popularity……………………  From Modi to Mars,

We can talk about evrything but can’t work on our own sanitation manners particularly at public places.

Sanitation is not any new topic.  just that we have always kept it as ‘optional’.

We are not ‘being charged’ for ‘not being responsible’… And that has made us so mannerless. At every public toilets we broke records for being filthy for which we are least Sorry.

Nobody likes filthy toilets, but nobody cares either. We,  the people,  are using it, and giving disgusting look at everyone around.

Let’s start from the basic. Let’s cover this ‘optional’ chapter. Let’s learn it properly and let’s secure first class. Let’s not be stupid or lazy or careless or whatever which is stopping us from being called ‘properly toilet trained ‘…

Let’s become obsessive when it comes to sanitation. Self discipline is the key. Whether its our home or a public place, it’s our responsibility to keep the place clean.

” Ek kadam swacchata ki or “..

I know, i know,

“Jaanti hu ki ye sarkaar ka naara he;

par Desh bhi to humara he”..

– Mitali J.




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