Posted by Palash Banerjee
March 28, 2017

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In today’s time especially in India one cannot have an opinion about a political party because then they put tags on you that if you are against a party that means you are in favour of another . They just fail to understand that a lot of people are pro development and pro democratic . The essence of democracy and secularism has been misconstrued by the masses . There are reasonable restrictions to everything, make no mistake nothing is absolute in nature . Secularism doesn’t mean one cannot practice a thing  pertaining to his religion on the  a contrary it gives the freedom to do it without hesitation . On the other hand democracy is not infringed when the state restricts from an act keeping the  public good at large in mind , this is not the essence of democracy so that one can behave like a hooligan and say I belong to a free country and it is my right by birth. Democracy teaches us discipline to live freely and let live without any unreasonable control . People tend to polarise aspects these days like if you say restrictions should be there then you are anti- democratic . The thing is the masses are mislead on a plethora of issues and jump to conclusions very quickly . The common man fails to understand that they are moulded to fulfill personal goals and feuds . People should be in favour of development not in favour of a party .Votes ought to be casted to an individual who has served there purpose not because he belongs to a particular party because that very thing has led to legislative imbalance in the past because of the formation of coalition governments . The most proximate cause of the inception of polarisation is communal hatred and extremist ideologies and the fuel to the fire is added by crony capitalism of the few who run the economy . It is there combined Nexus . They just want us to show what they want to show , they very easily control our lives and minds because we feel in today’s time nothing can be hidden ‘true’ but in that same parallel

Capacity anything can be shown to us as well thereby making us believe in it . Our myopic approach is been used against us.  The way to end this is by addressing the issue from it’s very roots which can be done by  starting with some self introspection. If polarisation has to be eradicated then we have to kill it’s Genesis that is our vulnerable minds . Thinking has to be changed . If this issue is not addressed quickly it is such a wicked and vicious disease like cancer that it  will consume  us all and then there is no coming back. So one has to rise above  satisfying individual interests to start with then there is any hope to tackle this menace which is hollowing us from the inside while we are busy fighting foreign enemies , amdist lies our biggest enemy  that is within us which means we against ourselves creeping us into damnation. Food for thought .

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