Pregnancy Ultrasounds: How safe are they during fetal development?

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March 1, 2017

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Pregnancy Scans

There is a common belief that radiology scans can effect the health of mother and fetus both. People are very sensitive when it comes to health of child and mother and hence they are hesitant in going for a scan.

fetal development
There should be some education for to be parents and families about the pregnancy ultrasounds regarding —

How they work and
How safe they are

How an ultrasound works?

Ultrasound uses stong sound waves to generate images of organs or structures that are to be diagnosed. Since sound waves are used for creating images, there are no radiations involved. However while going through the scan, pateint (mother) might feel some temperature. But that temperatture is not because of any radiation, it is only because of the energy that may have generated during the scan.

So far, no negative effects of using ultrasound scan have been reported but some cases of impaired hearing in infants were seen. Scientists have strictly denied any negative effecr of ultrasound on the fetal development.

Ultrasound tests are performed during various phases of pregnancy for ex – Level 1 pregnancy ultrasound, Level 2 pregnancy ultrasound, Level 3 pregnancy ultrasound

These are dome in order to check fetal development and health of expectant mother.

Here is resource for more in depth study on effects of pregnancy ultrasound on fetal health

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