Revolting minds Rebelling lips

Posted by Seersha Nambiar
March 21, 2017

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You can walk up a village or a buzzing cosmopolitan; a slum or a luxurious housing complex. It’s the same in every turn of India; men shameless unzip and urinate in every nook and corner that they deem too clean to be around. This is completely disregarding the presence of public urinals and 10 minute rides to the nearest toilet. Every child growing up in India must have seen “man parts” on streets. All these are acceptable to us. We don’t know how women hold the pee in they say. Men probably need to display in order to boost their egos. We, Indians with our magnanimous hearts tolerate.

Let’s go to Chennai, an important metropolitan city in South India. Try taking an early morning walk at Coimbatore and I’d be surprised if you are not greeted by rows of naked buttocks pooping on the pavement. Oh not to worry, they spare the traditional “kolams” meant to welcome Gods into the house. That’s okay, though it may result in a plethora of diseases if the rains wash down this so contaminated water right to our door steps. We, the ever forgiving Indians empathize.

But when a young couple holds hands in a public place. OMG!!! They are destroying the Indian culture and tradition! They are ruining the balance of society! They are a humiliation to their families!!! How vulgar!? There have been instances of girls being blackmailed into commercial prostitution with threats of exposing photographs of her having kissed somebody. Why do we not bother about those things that ACTUALLY harm us? Dirty surroundings spread sickness but a hugging couple definitely does not give us STDs. So where exactly does the vulgarity lie? In our appalling minds that accepts dirt, disease and PDPP (Public Display of Private Parts) but not Public Display of Affection?

All those so called educated classy people who have taken a harsh stand against couples hugging and kissing in public are a disgrace to the liberal society they appear to belong to. Flag holders and staunch supporters of the morality cause probably come down to people with poor dating skills, those in unhappy marital situations and those too old to date expressing their pangs of jealousy in the name of decency. Issues of patriarchal attitudes, gender discrimination, PDA and violence against women are pieces of the same puzzle of the Great Indian Moral Hypocrisy which needs to be put together and solved.

In the land of the Kamasutra, we argue that love is an intimate act of affection. What about uncontrolled pornographic content spreading to every corner of our nation like wildfire, especially ones that demonstrate rape and violence? When children are subjected to such material that objectify women as instruments for pleasure, isn’t exposure to simple acts of hugs and kisses that teach them to appreciate love as a consensual emotion free from brutality?

People who adamantly protest against hugs and kisses should know that many of the gentlemen we adore and respect may be involved in marital rapes. Many who walk among us unleash the animals in them within the confines of the bedroom. But we have nothing to say of all that do we? Those are all “women issues” that we know of but have decided to ignore. What men do to their wives is private and none of our business. For as long as they aren’t hugging in public we will remain happy holding up placards with “Indian culture ki jai” and beating up young cuddling couples.

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