Rise Of Terrorism In The West

Posted by Aham Brahmasmiti
March 14, 2017

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Many believe that Terrorism is a by product of Religion. But , to what extent , it is true? The truth, we need to accept is that ‘Terrorism is by product of ignorance.’

Rise of Terrorism in the West

Every terrorist venture in the world grew out of imposing racism in to the minds and implanting perceptions that they are deprived of what they actually should get. And, always, a Leader emerges to be the instrument of action for the negative energy that wants destruction. The same phenomenon is developing at present, in United States of America. Developing racism in the Nation, is just laying roots to destruction and eventually it may lead to destruction of the country.
I am a Social science Researcher, I have been studying the Social state of Humanity at different periods of time, and I can say that United States is right now prone to a disturbed Social state, and it can lead itself into chaos if it doesn’t act accordingly. Many say, the disturbed Social state is the Trump effect. But, Trump is only a representative of Americans who have vested energy and similar beliefs, as that of the President. Isn’t it true?
Blaming the political state is easy, but , one needs to know that the political state is just an effect of existing Social state in the Nation. Americans need to fight back at the Racist thoughts and actions that are being nurtured in the country. The propaganda of American government, at present, Fighting terrorism, Fighting ISIS; the country is no where in doing so, despite it seems as if it is developing it’s own terrorist organization.
Developing Islamic phobia and Hindu phobia in the West needs to be fought. And, they need to be fought not by Muslims or Hindus but by the entire West for a society of peace and harmony. Or, The West itself emerges into a position where it nurtures terrorism in its own land without knowing that it is actually doing it.

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