Shame… Not Her, It’s You!

Posted by Nikita Naik
March 14, 2017

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I am an independent girl & do not believe in everything that the society dumps on me. I have been brought up to have my own identity & make my own choices. Despite being strong headed women, we do find ourselves in a pool of negative thoughts. Tired of justifying our choices & being constantly judged. Our each decision has to battle a pre-conceived notion of the society. At times the going gets really tough and so harsh that it does hamper our confidence & optimism.

Here i attempt to pen down an article on behalf of all women to the bunch of people who want women just to be a puppet, as they are rotten not us!

 She is talented, she has the moves

Yes she is a stage performer!

She is strong, she has muscle

Yes she competes in the ring!

She is beautiful, she is bold

Yes she walks the ramp!

She chose an offbeat career,

So you call her names

It’s not are the SHAME!


Late night she was talking over a call,

immediately you raise the moral alarm.

Midnight she walks in the building gate,

for safety, a guy friend drops her as it is late.

The narrow minds had a look,

in disapproval their necks shook. 

She stays alone in a lonely town,

her mates visit when she is down,

Her pure friendship ties,

always meet your judgmental eyes.

You malign her character with gossip game

It’s not are the SHAME!


She walked a street,

He whistled, he followed.

She took a bus,

He stared, He pushed.

She took a cab,

He touched, He raped.

You failed to protect her 

So her clothes took the blame.

It’s not are the SHAME!


Unlike the lands of wise,

She wasn’t allowed to make a choice.

You kept her away from school,

Thought of her as a fool! 

Against her wish you tied her knot, 

at a age where vocation is sought!

You are born for home chores they said,

Treated her like a free maid.

You stole her identity and call her lame!

It’s not are the SHAME!


In the bride’s market you said

She is dark & ugly, rejected

She is short & stout, rejected

She keeps her hair short,rejected

She is outspoken, rejected

She can’t cook, rejected

She works in a call center, rejected

She had a past with a guy, rejected

You put her up for sale,

She is not worth you claim.

It’s not are the SHAME!


She earned her degree,

Stood up against dowry!

Juggling between family & clients,

She strives to be self reliant!

Working hard she gets her pay

Be a home maker instead you say!

Jealous of her illuminating success flame

It’s not are the SHAME!


All she wanted was to be a mother,

to a beautiful son or a daughter.

You abuse her, you hit her,

As it’s baby girl, you disown her.

Just because she couldn’t give a son,

Devils in you put her to burn.

To have a family she gave up her dreams,

You made her end up in traumatic screams.

On deaf ears fell all her painful cries,

attempting to have a son she dies.

Son makes a true woman in your mind frame

It’s not are the SHAME!


All my iron ladies, it’s been a tough way up,

but you were not born to give up!

Whatever you do, someone will always talk,

ignore the barks, keep on with your walk! 

Stand up for yourself, work on your aim,

Your talent is worth all the fame!


It’s not you.. they are the SHAME!


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