Short form

Posted by akash pandey
March 16, 2017

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When we were small, we used to be studying the full forms like WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO etc. and now a days children’s are studying the full form LOL, ROGL, WTF. One of the word which got experimented so much is “Okay”, first ” Okay” became “OK”, then it became ” K”, may be in future they will make it even more short and “remove one hand of K”. Now a days when people chat, they don’t chat normally, they chat with chemical equations, ” Please” becomes “Pls”, ” Good Morning” becomes “GM”. Using short forms, sometimes people complete a two line sentence into just half a line, they have actually made long and big Undertaker looks like small Underwear. Sometimes people use so much of short forms that I feel like changing the form of their face with my punch. I would flag the real achievement of short form when students in school start writing essays in short form, provided teachers are not giving marks in Short form.

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