Should the provision of creamy layer be added for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes?

Posted by priyanshu babu
March 9, 2017

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India is a land of contradictions –we have the Buddha circuit in noida where the fastest of supercars run and also have villages of balia where roads exist only on files. India though a nation of 29 states and 7 union territories is divided not only in states but also in castes,a division that has spread like poison in our veins. In the later vedic times we were divided in the for varnas –the bhahmins,the kshatriyas,the kayasthes and the shudras and today in the ‘’great’’ 21st century where we need air purifiers ,water purifiers  we are divided in four categories –the generals,the other below castes(OBCs),the scheduled castes(SCs),and the scheduled tribes(STs). This divisions though carry a logic as explicitly defined by the lawmakers of our nation as”protection of the vulnearable portion of the nation(so called lower castes)from the exploitation of the so called upper castes and to provide such privilages to the SCs ,STs and OBCs so as to bring them to the level playing field so as to enable them to compete with others”.

The first such provision made in this regard was when our country had gained independence from the tyranny of the british rule and like a small child was struggling to walk. During this period the provision of reservation for SCs and STs was created ,and no doubt was a revolutionary step. Then something happened,not too soon but in 1978 when the first non-congress government under the leadership of Shri Morarji Desai’s formed a committee under Shri B.P.Mandel .The committee prepared the report on such matters related to reservation and this report was accepted by Shri Vishwanath Pratap Singh’s Janata Government in 1989 and 27% reservation was announced for OBCs and subsequently a provision of “creamy layer”was created. Now this creamy layer within the Obc’s was defined as “the part of OBCs that was economically self-sufficient “.

Now in 2017 i ask a question shouldn’t the provision of creamy layer be created for SCs and STs ?I am not  asking this question as a general student but as a logical person and I have my own logic behind it.Post-libralization the SCs and STs too have gained economic power and are in a position to place their children at par with the general and the creamy layer of OBCs.I belong to a state that has seen many governments and many chief ministers ,all of them being SCs,STs and OBCs.Now tell me if these CMs children and grandchildren would enjoy reservation benefits or not?Ofcourse they will.Arent people like these self-sufficient ?Ofcourse they are.So shouldn’t the provision of creamy layer be applied to them?Its not the question of my state or some other state ,rather it is a question for our nation as a whole as a nation where the deserving candidates of the reserved categories been denied their rights just because some Richie-rich belongs to his caste and can afford better schools ,better coaching institutes,luxuries of life and what not.

Please note:I am not a pro-bjp or pro-left or pro-aam aadmi or pro-congress person. I have no political or social ideology.

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