Simple Question From Administration Regarding Romeo Squad

Posted by mohsin
March 25, 2017

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with all due respect sirs please clarify the concept of Romeo squad recently formed by Hon’ble chief minister ji. Whether this squad is formed to keep check on hooligans and eve teasers or this squad is for moral policing against couples and youngsters? What is the methodology and guidlines if any adopted by the squad for tracking and punishing such person or police is treating every youngster as a criminal by harassing every couple they find during operation? Because methodology as described that they can catch just by seeing in the eyes is highly ineffective or else all the criminals should have been in jail. Who gave the right to police to torture any couple sitting in public and talking if they are not caught in any obscene or objectionable act? WhaT happened to our constitutional right of being anywhere in the country and talking to any 1 is police above constitution? Is there any helpline for those who are being harassed by police and misusing their power? Every 1 knows whats happening is wrong. What steps is govt and police is taking to avoid this? What should a person do in case he is stuck in such moral policing situation?

I am looking forward to hear from Hon’ble sirs.

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