Smell The Conspiracy In The Name Of Freedom Of Speech

Posted by straighttalker
March 1, 2017

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MarchForUnity, 21-Feb-2016

Ever since Narendra Modi got into power leading BJP to a massive win in Lok Sabha elections 2014, there has been quite an unease into the minds of some certain sections of society. I won’t say that all liberals are against Modi government but a section which comprises of some newspapers and news channels proudly identifies itself as a liberal class opposing BJP government. While everybody has the freedom to express views, however this right should not be misused to fan anti-India sentiments at any cost.
In my opinion this is a conspiracy which has been hatched by some media houses with vested interests, some opposition parties, Kashmiri separatists, and to some extent a probable Pakistani involvement. In the past two years we have BJP Government at Center getting strict on Terrorism and Internal Security after an attempt to improve ties with Pakistan. The present Indian Government has been successful to a greater extent as compared to earlier governments when it comes to exposing Pakistan and its support for Cross-border Terrorism. This has not gone down well with the rogue state which is pumping in money and supporting opposition parties of India to carry out the divisive Agenda on its behalf in India. The Opposition parties smells an opportunity in supporting (and probably creating also) these type of controversies in Indian Universities as they are directly attacking and corrupting the mind of next generation of Indians and turning them against BJP. This is the reason that we saw almost all major political parties like Congress, AAP etc. taking the side of Anti-National students in JNU in order to confuse Indians to believe that Freedom of Speech is under-attack. These parties even forgot that those anti-national students raised anti-India slogans like “Kashmir ki azadi tak jung rahegi, Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”, “Tum kitne Afzal maaroge, har ghar se Afzal niklega!” etc. Numerous posts claiming to give a first hand account on this incident were written by Left-Aligned JNU students “clarifying” their viewpoint. However, none of them gave a clear explanation of what was the need to raise Anti-India slogans?
Out of the 7 raw video footages sent by the Delhi’s AAP Government to the Hyderabad based Truth Labs, 5 video footages were found genuine (Source: ). So it was clear beyond doubt that anti-India slogans were raised by the JNU students who organized that event.
Even if freedom of speech is considered those students were free to raise voices against the political parties but raising slogans against India as a Nation is really Sedition. If it is not sedition then what is !
A fresh controversy has erupted again in continuation with the last year’s JNU’s incident. The AISA/SFI students this time wanted to spill out their anti-India venom in Ramjas to poison the minds over there which was resisted by ABVP. This invited the ire of all left leaning liberals and Times Of India.

For the past two days if you look at the headlines of Times Of India it goes like this:
“Intolerance, again:Rijiju, BJP attacks martyr’s daughter”
“Martyr’s daughter calls off protest:’This is all I can take'”.

The Times of India since the last year is hellbent on maligning BJP. It failed last year because the 5 video footages were found genuine but this time it got a young “Martyr’s Daughter” to extend its anti-BJP propaganda. Gurmehar Kaur thinks that her father was killed as a result of war not due to Pakistan. But she fails to understand that Pakistan is directly involved in fanning Terrorism in India and is responsible for many deaths of soldiers and civilians in India. Probably she is too emotional and young to understand that but TOI understands this very well that who is responsible. In both the headlines TOI emphasizes on “Martyr’s Daughter” to give general public a feeling that BJP is against martyr’s and their families. This clearly shows the bias of this newspaper.
Last year on 21st Feb, I participated in a huge march from Rajpath to Jantar Mantar against the JNU Anti-National students. Around 40000-50000 strong crowd gathered alone from Delhi and it was not organized by any political parties but Delhi’s residential societies and war-veterans. And Times Of India covered that in a side column with a small photograph but whenever even 1000-2000 left leaning JNU students along with some anti-national students hold a march it becomes Times Of India’s headline. This is a SHAME ! Times Of India should be boycotted for this !


I trust people of India, and the young generation of students to pick up the right side which stands for Nationality, Integrity, and Unity. Support only that political party which supports these core values of our Nation and not the corrupt parties which don’t think twice even for the Nation while supporting such anti-nationals for their vested political interests. Remember, “India first everything next” whenever in doubt.

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