Smoking (up), Suicide And Solitude

Posted by Vaibhav Sethia
March 30, 2017

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We all know smoking is injurious to health, yet we all are close to a bunch of people who choose to smoke. If you are 30 or below you probably know someone who smokes up frequently. Smoking and ‘smoking up’ is encroaching in our society deeper everyday.

While there may or may not be benefits a particular kind of smoke entering your lungs, the harm is definite. The images on the cigarette box never deterred you from another smoke because you believe you’d know ‘when to stop’! Pfff. Call it you ‘me-time’ during office hours, de-stressing, boredom or just a way to kill time, you are prying on the stairway to addiction, which we only realise connecting the dots backward.
I mention my observations on this, with an added tint of humour.

A small stint with battling depression makes people think of the ways of ‘ending this pain’, at least for curiosity sakes. To some it almost seems poetic. The finality to something lingering with you whatever you do and where ever you are. But finality is the word crucial to romanticising this idea. Imagine a poem that doesn’t end.
Also, peace and solitude seem to be so calming, contrasting to life in society. Tourism sells this like none other. People are paying money to hear nothing, just nothing, for a while. But nature has its way of involving itself in our plans.

In this stand up video of mine i try to talk about these social situations (or my imaginations) with a layer of humour on it. Hope it amuses you.

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