Stop Assumption, Give Yogi Adityanath A Chance

Posted by Ganesh Shenoy K in Politics
March 20, 2017

Yogi Adityanath has now taken over charge as new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. There is no doubt that this firebrand 45-year-old politician is a very controversial, yet very popular mass leader in Uttar Pradesh. This five-time MP of Gorakhpur has always increased his margin of victory in successive elections which proves his immense popularity. He was in news always for wrong reasons and has been accused of several crimes with numerous cases against him though convicted in none, he always maintained that cases against him are politically motivated and false.

He was always branded as anti-minority by a section of media but there are numerous news from his constituency Gorakhpur which proves otherwise, where many people from the minority community were praising him and have been celebrating his elevation as CM like their Hindu counterparts which make me think – have our journalists misunderstood him, are they guilty of too much assumption? If Yogi is anti-minority, why are minorities of Gorakhpur cheering his appointment as Chief Minister?

Keeping controversy aside, there is no doubt that he is a man of words and he is seen as honest also a huge segment of people believe he will handle law and order situation of state much better than his predecessors. He has also said that maintaining law and order is the biggest priority for him. Even on the day he was appointed as CM designate had ordered DGP of UP not to allow people to create a ruckus in name of celebration.

What disappoints me most is how some noted journalists are attacking him and questioning his appointment. I urge those journalists give him a year to prove himself as administrator. Please, let’s stop judging him too much. Don’t attack him even before he takes office. Who knows, he may emerge as a good administrator in the future. Also for those who are questioning him based on educational qualifications must know that he has a BSc degree in Maths from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University.

After becoming CM of UP in his first press conference he has clearly laid his road map he claims that “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” is his motto. He has also asked his minister to not to give any statement which will hurt the sentiment of someone adding he has also asked ministers to give details of their movable and immovable assets within 15 days to CM secretory which is commendable move. I think he has hit right cord in his first cabinet meeting after taking over as CM of UP. So it would be better for all not to judge prematurely. Also, I seriously hope that UP touches new heights of development under him so that he proves his critics wrong.