Stop Selling Us The Sexy Lie! Not A #beautyblogger

Posted by Pooja Kochar
March 16, 2017

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This Women’s Day we were sold – fashion, cosmetics, anti-aging creams, selfie experts and giant insecurities.

I am not a fashion/beauty blogger, which meant I would never be commercially viable. I am 30ish, on the cusp of dying as far as social media likability was concerned. I wasn’t young only restless. I was recently chucked out of a high profile brand’s commercial because my point of view made them uncomfortable. I was happy to represent the perspective of a woman who wears a kajal to enhance her eyes, not because it would change her vision. Our brand values didn’t match, which is fine! but how long are these multi dollar brands going to exploit our insecurities.

Women’s day was a big deal, every brand had an innovative hashtag, a unique story to share a monstrous social media budget to push their product. All of them say, “I want something real” but the fact is that they want an illusion of reality.

Dear brands, wakeup! Stop selling us stupid ideas, we are smarter and have out grown your age old pitch. Real women wear makeup but we have no real expectations from our eyeliner and eyeshadows. A red lipstick will not give more power to our words, stop selling us the sexy lie!

Doesn’t matter if you are 30ish, 40ish, 50ish, 60ish – When a woman refuses to act her age, she is sending out the right signal – Be Ageless

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