Teach Him To Be A Gentlemen While He Is Young.

Posted by Rubina Shaikh
March 11, 2017

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A women is the one who gave birth to a male not the other way round,so as a mother it is very important to teach your son how to respect a women or a girl from an early age.After being a mother a women have the opportunity to inbuilt a thinking in their sons that women’s are equal to them and they deserve to be treated equally.

Mother’s should taught their sons that every women who walks on the road is someone’s daughter,sister or mother and he should give them respect as he gives respect to his families women.He should be taught to take a stand whenever he sees any violence or misbehavior towards women’s.

By teaching these morals to a male child mothers will help built a society where every women can live safely and peacefully.women can help in a long way of building a safer society for women.



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