TechnoLit or LitreTech

Posted by hariom
March 14, 2017

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Isn’t literature like earth?
Explored, seen for few and old for all.
It thrills if some new permutations and combinations come across called creativity.
Like a remix of old songs…
If so then
Science or technology is like Universe, is in adolescence age.
The mixing-console of DJ is being updateed and unveiled with novel features time to time. It plays the heart touching lyrics of old songs with addition of ear enticing beats.
Technology is expanding its outreach and we still putting efforts in figuring out its origin.
Had it gone through tap recorder, reached up to CD player, now come across the era of ipod and bigger things are yet to come.
Fingers crossed!!!
The things we knew all about, likely to be boring up to some extent by passing of time. The sense of unpredictability and curiousity keep the interest alive that pushes to move on further.
In order to walk a long way, searching for new horizons of technology, loneliness appears to be with the being.
Modern Science began from Einstein, Newton and dwelling in the time of all abled Mr.Hawking.
Now home is a distant place.
You have come a long way, Baby!, In search of possibilities.
To survive and to keep the journey on, getting a new surface to stand upon becomes the need of hour.
Being on another planet means again the literature markes its presence alike the earth did earlier. Walk over the surface, make it another known place in space and
after a span of time do invite the boredom again.
Now, if want to, then only the technology could take off the flight towards the new findings.
‘Moving is life, leisure is death’ — is a fine piece of thought but to move on, nerves need to be calmed down at times in between. A nap on the soft lap of the republic of literature does not harm the determination to hit the technology’s-eye anyway.
A cocktail-sip of literature with a burger-bite of technology isn’t a bad combination though. Just a perfect blend of mix.
The solid food with the beverage-given-lubrication get down the throat better.

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