That Day Called The Women’s Day

Posted by firsteffort
March 8, 2017

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Let us not celebrate International Women’s Day.

Reason:Because you are “not there” for women.”You” refers to you ladies.

Take a moment to honestly respond to these situations.

Were you not a part of fat shaming of that female classmate,did you not scan the woman wearing that short skirt in metro,did you not judge the single mother in your office,did you not negatively label the unmarried school teacher,did you not feel odd about the lady wearing red lipstick,did you not stay silent when that female colleague faced sexist remarks at office,did you not under-estimate the “small-town” fresher,did you not categorize that housewife friend as mediocre, did not cross-refer that woman with her religion and caste,did you not warn the woman with strong political views.Yes,You did.The extent and degree doesn’t matter.Hence the celebration is null and void.You cannot celebrate womanhood as an outsider.You cannot be in the stands and cheer for your team.That is not an option.You need to realize you are a part of the team which you claim to defend and fight for.Though your struggles have never been even and equal.Caste,class,religion,region bring variations of a different order.But do a self-check this year.You are a very important player in the patriarchy game. Debate but not demean ,argue but not over justify and lead but do not dictate.If you don’t want men to be custodians of your presence, participation and decision making , don’t expect them to perform your share of duties either.

Your struggle balancing aspirations and larger inequalities has made you stronger.But there are women fighting battles that we would not be able imagine in the first place.That does not make your struggle any lesser but you a little more responsible about your role.And yes,let us move beyond cosmetic symbolic women’s day.Your worth should not be pushed by luxury brands year after year.They capitalize on the market and gain out your position as a “woman”.It brings temporary hollow gains making us forget the real issues.

Be Bold.Be beautiful.But more importantly be there for womanhood yourself.

P.S Thank you to the ever charming grandfather,the most supportive father, lovable brothers,wonderful uncles,incredible male friends and wonderful colleagues.They were there for me.

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