The Daily Walk

Posted by naman kejriwal
March 26, 2017

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I have a habit of walking atleast half an hour everyday. These walks take me around the city. Everyday I rediscover the city I live in. It amazes me how despite walking the same roads day after day I see new faces daily. New, wonderful , good looking people everyday. Amazing isn’t it? A new way to look at the city. Looking at the same things through a new perspective.

Everyday I come across something that uplifts my mood. Every single day. Something makes me smile and rekindle the belief that the world is not all gloom and there is some light in this dark. It maybe a child smiling as only children can. It maybe a bigger sibling carefully taking a smaller sibling on the cycle. It maybe an elder of the family buying something as simple as an ice-cream for a kid and the kid watching with such enthusiasm that you have no choice but to feel good. When was the last time we a’dull’ts felt such enthusiasm? I saw a 8-9 year old boy hold his ground in front of 15 year olds and I learnt what courage is. The boy was not muscular nor did he have much height. Yet he stood his ground in a fight while playing. I see young couples holding hands and walking while blushing continuously as only couples can. I rediscover a new meaning of what love might be. I see an older couple playing badminton in the park in the night and realize what a relationship means. I see friends sitting in groups and laughing at the silliest jokes as only friends can. I see old people sharing their experiences with young ones. What a gold mine of knowledge and experience old people have!

Young women walking around talking about the latest gossip and young men discussing sports or the gym or mostly young women. Old ladies complaining about their respective daughters-in-law and old men complaining about realty prices, cricket, politicians,the younger generation, etc. I see someone helping an old couple cross the street. I see the various shops with their varied display items seducing the people on the streets to come and buy them. People enjoying snacks at roadside stalls. Bhel-puri, paani-puri, sev-puri, vada pav, juices, etc. You name it, they have it. I see people in the temples praying with full devotion. I bump into someone I know and exchange the his and hellos. Its good to meet people and find everything is all right, isn’t it? Pretty insane how time flies and our respective lives just go on and nothing and everything change?

I see the sky change its colours. I feel the breeze that comes every now and then. The trees that seem to dance in the wind. Sometimes on late night walks I even hear birds making their peculiar sounds. The moon in all it’s glory shining its light on us. Though there is not much cold even during winter, it is enough to give you a chill during nights. Walking on a cold night in shorts and just a jersey is something I enjoy thoroughly , though I have been known to fall a bit ill due to it. But doing stupid things come naturally to me. I am an expert in it. Walking through the rain without any umbrella or coat. Just walking quietly enjoying the rain pour over you. Have you ever done that? Have you just stood and allowed the rain to just come to you? Have you ever? I feel that rain purges me of all my misdeeds and I am born again. I know its a bit dramatic but yeah that’s how I feel. There is a line in a movie which goes ‘ God is in the rain ‘. I couldn’t agree more. I sometimes see a bird soaring high above and wonder how it felt to fly. How it felt to just go about from one place to another as per ones own whims?

The walks also acquaint me with the harsher truths of life. There is a road nearby where an old lady used to sit and beg. Every single day. Whenever I used to walk through that road she used to be there. Small and frail and in utter ruin just sitting there. Alone. Is this what it turns out to be? Alone , begging to survive on an unknown street? Then one day she disappeared. Just poof! She was gone. She has not comeback till now. What was her story? How did she land up there? Why did she have to beg at such an old age? I do not know. Probably I should have found out. She is not alone. I see many people outside religious places begging to exist. What kind of world is this? Not a day goes by when I don’t see a child either begging or selling some small item on the road. An handicapped man sitting quietly with all hope lost in this eyes in the corner of the road. These sights have become so common that it does not even trouble me now. Probably we as a society have gotten used to the fact that so many people are living inhuman lives just to exist and it shocks me. Children working , people begging , people fighting over non issues ,etc. People glued to their cell phones and not aware about what is around them. These are some realities which I wish to change but have no idea how to go about it.

The walks are something that I cherish and which have taught me a lot. There is nothing which calms a mind down than a long walk. I repeat. Nothing. Walking on the road embroiled with one’s thoughts is one of the best ways to spend your time. It helps bring in clarity which no other advisor can bring to you. Just observing the surrounding and taking it all in. In our day and age with constant connection walks are the best ways of having some me time. Start walking daily. I bet ,you wont regret it.

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