The Day Is Not Yours

Posted by Anurag Barman
March 31, 2017

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Every single person in this world wakes up in the morning wishing to have his or her day according to their will. Nobody wants their time to be carried away by anything. Well, it is often said that man is the maker of his own fate. But still there are many things in our life which aren’t in the hands of mankind.

Many a times, our time passes on very smoothly from dawn to dusk, making you feel the absence of the clock. There are days passing with the effect of seconds in your daily life. While on the other hand, there are certain times when nothing goes according to your wish, even if you design an ideal schedule for yourselves.  There are numerous events occurring in our life, which are quite uncertain. Sometimes, we just remain dumbstruck with some of these unexpected happenings in our day to day life. It is very difficult to explain about these uncertain situations which occur without giving you a spark of it. Even the most influential astrologers and predictors of the modern world can’t justify these uncertainties of life.

Very often, you feel that the coming time will not be in your track. Sometimes, a feeling always haunts that your day is not going to be good at all. There are moments in which every second will give beats in your nerve, but surprisingly it passes very easily leaving behind an undefined bone of contention within you. While on the other hand, there are days when you are quite sure about each of your pulse but still fail to accomplish it. In our daily life, we come across many such events in which we remain unsuccessful in doing it even after giving our best. And eventually, we confront ourselves by accepting that the day or the time was not ours.

Not only in days, but we experience these uncertainties for a long period of time. You may find that your time goes off track for many weeks, months or even for a year. You feel helpless because everything goes against your plans. You may notice people giving statements like “It was a bad year for me” or “The last month was a difficult time for me”, which bring us to a conclusion that whatever you say about life, but uncertainty rules it. It does not matter how much you try exploring and solving these complexities of life but there are certain things which remain undefined. So, let’s hope that the coming time is in your hands.



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