The Leader

Posted by Prem Kumar
March 21, 2017

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As expected people have started trolling their opponents everywhere!

Congress wrote its own obituary 12 years back when they started getting into corruption charges one after another. With the arrival of Rahul Gandhi, he sealed its fate.

With no capable leader in any opposition, BJP brought Modi out of the blue, and people welcomed him wholeheartedly.

Then came the backlash by BJP projecting all non-BJP leaders being responsible for India’s present state. Came the rhetoric “70 saal ki loot!!!” Wow!!

Final hope for Congress even in the present UP election was that they will win, that was a foolish assumption by them. Samajwadi Party had some chances to come at least near to BJP, but by joining hands with Rahul Gandhi sealed their chances, whatever they had.

Coming back to “70 saaal ki loot.” First it was 10 years of loot. Then Modijiii went little more back, till 1974, and then went straight to 1947, making it “70 saaal ki loot.” Then after the UP election win he said “from 1947 onwards each leaders have done his/her bit to develop the nation!!!!” All of a sudden this magnanimity!!! Did the UP win made him humble??!! Guess not!! Because in the same speech he said “People ask me “Modiji, aap itna kaam kyun kartae hain?” His “waah Modi Waaah” rhetoric is catchphrase for his bhakts and his opponents both. Did he want to say that he is the only prime minister who is working these many hours and all the rest of them, right from 1947 were doing 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. duty??!!!!

Fact of the matter is, we do not have a leader of national stature that we had till mid 1970s. Forget about Nehru, Patel, Indira Gandhi and Vajpayee, because it will be an insult to compare Modi to these people, if Rajiv Gandhi had been alive, he would have given Modi run for his money, because he had learned his mistakes in his first term of being a Prime Minister.

So, when the situation is like “andhon mein kaaana raja” it is better to be humble. Throw away your arrogance and learn from you own party leaders like Vajpayee to know how to talk in parliament and outside. That will do a lot good to you, Mr. Modi and to the nation, and who knows, you might come anywhere near to the above mentioned leaders!!

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