The Past,future & The Present – Bhootham Bhaavi Varthamanam

Posted by Mridul George
March 2, 2017

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We are living in an era where each and every act of ours is being unnecessarily evaluated and judged.Even our deep rooted loyalties are being questioned day after day by people who consider themselves as the lone saviors.When we felt that it’s high time to tell them what they are doing is not right and its not the right way,We made this, An 8 min long satire on what we see around us these days – National Anthem Controversy,the hyper nationalism and the double stands by those people who question the people around them about their loyality and credibility.

We are not film makers,We are not actors,we are just ordinary citizens like you who work hard to take care of our families and pay taxes to make this Nation a better place to live.We are as patriots as They are,But The Difference is We hate to show it & sell it !

Do have a look at this amateurish attempt of ours & lets us know your thoughts !

(Language of the Movie is Malayalam,Please Turn On The Captions for Subtitles)

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