The Real Reason Why Bollywood Cant Make Movies Like Inception

Posted by Anish Gupta
March 27, 2017

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Since the time Christopher Nolan released his masterpiece “Inception” in 2010, Many Indian journalists and the public have been grappling with the question – why can’t India make a movie like “Inception”?

The real answer to this question lies within ourselves as an audience. We have an industry which is stereotyped as a music oriented industry filled with colors but with no storylines, and sadly this stereotype is true (to an extent).

Just 10 days ago, Vikramaditya Motwane released a low budget movie “Trapped” featuring Rajkummar Rao as the main protagonist, the story revolves around a person trapped in the middle of the city, and how he escapes from it. The movie have been rated an average of 4 by almost all the critics and newspapers and have a rating of 8.4 at IMDB.

A movie like this must be doing great at the box office? Sadly it is not. The movie was only able to earn around 2.29 crore and at the same time, a movie like “Housefull 3” was able to earn more than 100 crores.

As most of the economists tell us there cannot be any supply if there is not any demand, the same is the case in the Indian Bollywood industry, we can not expect the industry to give us with films like inception when we don’t go and watch them.

So the next time before cursing the industry check whether you have watched the recently released critically acclaimed movie or a movie with no story line but with big names

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