Watch: A Young Syrian Refugee’s Heartwarming Story Of Building A New Life

Posted by Our Better World in Video
March 10, 2017

Hasan is one of the 4.8 million Syrian refugees in the world.

What a character he is. Cheerful, smiling and full of zest for life! Once a participant of Cybercare’s STEP (Self-empowering Transition and Employability Program), Hasan has eventually gone on to teach in Wangsa Maju.

He teaches refugee children and encourages them to carve a new life for themselves and look to their future. He always tells his students that their future must be better than his.

Someone who loved teaching since young, Hasan had to stop school to help his family – his father was in the hospital and school fees were expensive. However, now he is looking forward and inspiring students every day.

Cybercare hopes for Hasan to have a life he knows he can create for himself, a better future for him and his family and a belief that he can live his life to the fullest.

Read Hasan’s full story and find out how you can help here.


Image source: YouTube