The Unreasonable!

Posted by sree krishna
March 3, 2017

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One among the many was my most cynical senior cladded in a magnificent black shining suit getting ready to pose for a group photo with his batch mates who were about to bade goodbye to one another. He looked handsome with a great athletic physique and enviable cheek bones covered under thick beard. Most others were dressed similarly with heavy clothes, mesmerising cologne; the ostensible sense of fashion was being showed off lavishly. It was a  burning hot summer afternoon. True to form, all of them, including this man started sweating owing to the obviously irritating temperatures. In fact they all started tanning and looked restless. Slowly all the charm and the ostentatious fabric that was covering them started to wither. I, watching all this, made an audacious attempt to suggest him to change to something comfortable to get some relief. Unsurprisingly, I saw him turn back to prevail over me that I was being impractical. I was not taken aback for, I was expecting this to happen. However, this irked me. I flashed my shining Google Nexus screen onto his face to show him the temperature which read 43°C. I smiled and asked him to assess the practicality for himself. That was the day since when I was taken to be a mad, impractical, unreasonable, obstinate guy roaming in the campus.


Whom to blame for his unreasonable approach? I wondered. Or, should I be blamed for calling his approach, UNREASONABLE?


To put my case forward in the simplest way possible, I want to be answered how can anyone justify wearing a thick magnificent black suit in a burning summer afternoon in South India and the irony is the reason for wearing it being the trivial most. Some of those who failed to get an answer for this question like me, are contextually called “the unreasonable” here.


One can by now figure out what this article targets at.


There also lies the other side to this morass (let me have the liberty of calling it one.), where in these so-called ‘pragmatists’, start instilling a sense of inferiority among those who are not. As a result, there is a deliberate effort by the unreasonable to join the lobby of the Pragmatic.

For example, let me quote an incident with one of my schoolmates who was hesitant to play a funky Telugu song on his mobile phone despite loving it so much, fearing the ostensible ‘loss’ of his hard earned ‘dignity’ by wilfully oppressing his love for Telugu songs and at the same time  forcefully developing a faux love for the English.


From when did we start relating being ‘Westernized’ to being ‘dignified’?


After all, it is worth giving its due share of thought on why does anything Indian or desi (to put it colloquially) finds such a blatant disregard? Why is it that these “cool” pragmatic dudes find such a huge support despite being totally unreasonable?


A proposal for learning Sanskrit as a part time shall be mocked ridiculed and laughed at by everybody for not being ‘practical’. Forget Sanskrit. Tell them that you would want to strengthen your command in your mother tongue. You will be made to feel ashamed of yourself for such an idea of showing interest in your own mother tongue. This self-disregard or self-distaste is not limited to learning languages, but is all pervasive in every walk of life. You are treated as an underdog for not belonging to posh, affluent, crowded metropolitan cities, speaking totally unorthodox urban English with as many expletives as one can. The more expletives you use the more obscenity you take the more well versed you’re with the society, so the more polished and modernized you are. This is how we are made to think. Unfortunately.


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated “, said Confucius. That really does get a resounding evidence from the incidents quoted above.

Give up imitating others and remain the UNREASONABLE. Heavens are not going to fall.

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