They Type With One Hand Shut Thier Mouths With The Other

Posted by Tania Sharma
March 12, 2017

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entering into 2017 does not make a big difference to most of ours lifestyle and definitely, does not make any difference to a few’s mindset. we still continue to live the old way we were living and still continue to think the same way we used to. This year also there is there is no change I notice in the state of women. The importance of “women’s day” is just limited to posting a gender equality, women praising post, liking it, commenting on it and just forgetting it the next moment. the same thing that happens every year and no one gives a s***.

Well, how does one expect change for a community when the community resists to stand for itself. The other day in class when I was having lunch with my friends a teacher walks to us who is fairly in her mid-thirties(yes, mid-thirties, too young to have an obsolete mindset like that.) walks to us and asks “do any of you know how to cook?” most replied in a “NO”…well all but me. Turning her (facial)expressions into such as if we admit committing a murder, she exclaimed: “tum to dharti pe bojh ho…larkiyan hoke tumhe khana banana nahi ata..chh chh chh” (you are a burden on earth if, being girls you don’t know how to cook). what could all of them had done except for hanging their heads down in shame, which they did(speak up for themselves and say it is not so…duh?).  But… anyways never mind. 

now on some other day (a few days after this incident), we were talking to the other fellow female classmates, narrating to them the whole scenario. To our surprise, we found out the this didn’t happen just to us but to most of them. A few months after we were all summoned to the principal, where I told her about this incident expecting some support from the girls of our class or atleast my friends, but no, everyone was just standing like a mute statue and I like a stupid, was supporting people, who don’t even want to be supported, realizing that actually they are ‘DHARTI PE BOJH’ because… I am a strong believer of “it is bad to do something wrong but it is worse to silently bear that “.

 So girls(or even boys…well… anyone for that matter) just posting some awesome “social” quotes on the internet and supporting a movement online with #something I will just type on the internet but in real life do the exact opposite won’t do. either stop writing on the internet just for showing you care(when you actually don’t) or start raising your voices and concerns too.





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