This Video Says Women Aren’t Beautiful. Watch To Know Why.

Posted by shreshth.trehan
March 8, 2017

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Why is it that there can be a complete man, but a woman just beautiful?

This music video asks everyone this important question. When it comes to women, all of us are guilty of making beauty such a big deal that every other attribute is neglected. Be it peers, parents or even brands.

The most progressive conversation today centres around calling all women ‘beautiful’, therefore defying ‘cultural standards of beautism’. Which is great, no doubt. But one important question that we need to introspect and answer is – why just beautiful? Why does every woman ‘have’ to be some kind of beautiful?

There is so much self-esteem attached to this, one trait that no other aspiration can match up to the desire to be considered beautiful. Even if someone says ‘all women are beautiful’, like a lot of brands do these days, it implies ultimately, that ‘all that women care about is being beautiful’.

Instead if we tell her that something that she’s born with is only one of the qualities that define her. She can be funny, tough, intelligent and a host of other attributes.

The video takes on this “self esteem industry” and gives a voice to those who feel women should be defined by much more than the way they look. There is more than being ‘just beautiful’.

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