This Women’s Day, Know Your Worth

Posted by Varsha Chaurasia
March 9, 2017

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Women, the better half of the society. And where do they stand right now? Do they really get their equal rights and the credits for what they ever do? For all they do, they never get what they deserve.

In the ancient period in India, women were treated equal to men. They were given equal opportunities on the education and income front. They were given proper education and were taught techniques of warfare for protecting themselves. There was not even any purdah system and women didn’t need to hide themselves from anyone. But, since the arrival of the Muslims, mainly Afghans and Mughals, the purdah system came into existence. Women began to be treated as the lesser halves of the society. Their rights were snatched and she was subjected to the will of men.

Women today, have again risen from their position. They have uplifted themselves and the society through their role in it. From Sita and Draupadi to Kalpana Chawla and Malala Yousufzai, the contribution of women to the society is undefinable. Breaking all norms against the suppression of women, defeating evils like sati pratha, devdasi pratha, widow marriage and purdah system, yes, women have come far. But there is still a long way to go. Women are yet to achieve equality in every aspect. Today, when women walk on streets, they feel trapped and wounded. Wounded by the eyes of people who continuously scan them throughout. Rapes and murders are day-to-day happenings. Every day, every hour, every minute there is a new headline for such incidents.

Why talking about strangers, our own friends, family members, relatives and we ourselves face threats and teasing in the society. Trust me on this, being a girl, a woman in today’s society is just not easy. When you have to take care of your clothes, your hairs, your waists, your breasts and your bellies, it’s so not easy. You have to take care of even an inch of fat coming out of size zero. You have to wear your sindoor and managalsutra or you are not a loyal wife. You cannot talk to other men if you you have a partner already.

One of these things that I have felt is the striking mentality of people, both men and women when they see a girl traveling alone. This one is my personal experience. I have noticed the eyes full of greed and disgust when they a single girl sitting in a bus or a train. For them, that is the character certificate of that girl. They stare at you like you are an alien with beautiful features, prettier than those of humans. For them, real humans are those..or I should say real women are those who learn to be in their limits. And what are these limits? Is being killed in the womb a limit? Or not receiving education a limit? How would the society define these limits? Are there really any such defined limits?

Talking about women empowerment is so very easy. But when it comes to lending a hand, only a handful of people raise their voices. Others just become silent spectators, deaf to the cry of the victim. This is how people treat women today. But the other side of the story is that women are not victims, they are warriors that always emerge as winners. She is the reason for the existence of men. So SHE is the one who is superior, even if it is not acceptable to men. She is not a threatened and scared abala naari. She is Durga, she is kaali. She is the bravest form of life on earth. She can bear the whole world on her shoulders. If you call her a bitch or a slut, that defines you because a life carrying the whole universe in herself cannot be defined by certain nouns. She cannot be constricted into words. So the next time you try to tease or underestimate women, remember, you are alive because she gave you life. So thank her for you existence. Thank every women in your life because she deserves it. Treat her well and that makes you a real man, a real human. Respect every woman on this earth. She might not protest your behavior but once she is outraged, she becomes rage and glory. She is transparent, caring and brave. She is beautiful, she is an ocean of thoughts and wonders. She is…a WOMAN.

A Very Happy Women’s Day to all the brave hearts out there..!!!!

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